What is more convenient for a dog walker, daycare or dog school

What is more convenient for a dog walker, daycare or dog school - Dog Daycare In Panama - Hotel Mama Canino

After finishing the year 2020 at home taking care of ourselves and protecting our families, little by little the different cities of the country are returning to normality: protocols are already active for people to resume daily activities, which implies that the majority of people will NOT spend as much time at home again.

For this reason, it is time to think about our pet and start looking for walkers, schools or nurseries. This is a decision that takes time, that cannot be taken lightly and requires a careful and objective evaluation, since there are many options in the pet market.

When and why to make the decision?

In general, dogs need at least 40 minutes of activity a day to be physically and mentally stimulated.

When not enough time is allocated for them to go out to the park to play, sunbathe, do their physiological needs, socialize with others of the same species, they begin to present behavioral problems at home, difficulties socializing with other dogs or, even, with human beings, physical inconveniences due to lack of activity and also mental impairments due to lack of sensory stimulation.

If our day-to-day routines do not allow us to allocate this minimum of time or if we do not have the help of someone at home who can do it, it is most likely the time to think about requesting extra assistance to avoid deterioration or major complications. .

Walker, school or nursery?

Walker: they are people in charge of going for a walk with the dogs for a few hours (generally, from 1 to 3 hours). They pick up and leave the dogs at the door of the house, and take them for walks through different parks, squares or green areas.

Although it is usual to see them with a large number of animals, the ideal is for them to be groups of a maximum of five so that they can be easy to handle and monitor; In addition, by restricting the size of the group, it is ensured that there are no fights between the animals.

School: these are establishments in which the dog can spend from a few hours to a few weeks and where, apart from receiving the necessary care, they are given basic behavior and socialization classes by trained personnel for training. There are rural or also some within the city.

Nursery: in them our pet can spend from a few hours or weeks to months. There you can share with other dogs, receive the necessary care, take walks and have different activities. The difference with schools is that in these the animal does not receive training or education, but they are only dedicated to providing basic care. There are rural or in the city.

Which option to choose?

The choice depends on the time, the needs and also the budget. If you have the weekends to share with the dog and educate it, the best option would be a dog walker who can help during the week.

If, on the other hand, you do not have enough time during the week or on weekends, or you plan to go on vacation outside the city or the country, perhaps the most convenient thing is a school or a daycare center where the dog can pay attention every day.

Regarding the budget, the cost of schools and dog daycare varies according to the time, the activities that are carried out, the facilities and the transportation.

What should be taken into account when choosing?

It is key to consider the size, age and temperament of the pet. The ideal is to share with others of the same age or size so that it does not have so much physical demand. As for the temperament, it is key to inform the site beforehand so that it is handled with the necessary precaution in case of aggressiveness or nervousness.


Remember that your pet must be up to date with the vaccination and deworming scheme. Likewise, it is important that the dog has some method of identification in case of loss or misplacement. Get advice from neighbors, friends or relatives about the providers of these services to find out about their experiences, positive or negative, and be calmer.

Now that you know all this information, we leave you with the following questions: Would you host your dog in a luxury hotel? Is it worth it for dogs to have these comforts?

If you go on a trip or have an important meeting, remember to leave your pet with us. The hotel for dogs with all the love of Panama! https://www.hotelmamacanino.com/


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