Dog daycare: which one, when and why to use it

Dog daycare which one, when and why to use it - Pet Hotel Mama Canino Panama

A dog daycare is a space where you can leave your dog temporarily with many benefits for you and your dog.

Unlike a dog hotel, your dog can be certain hours of the day, at specific times or a few days and without cages.

In a nursery, dogs are free, having corners where they can rest, eat, play, etc.

Why a daycare for dogs?

Dogs are very social animals that are fatal to loneliness at home. Therefore, a dog daycare becomes the best remedy to prevent the dog from suffering from stress at home due to being locked up for so many hours.

A dog daycare has important benefits such as:

  • The dog learns to live with other dogs
  • The dog exhausts energy playing with other dogs
  • the dog has fun

In other words, our pet is stimulated physically, but also socially and emotionally, thus reinforcing that it is a more balanced dog.

When a daycare for dogs

The services of a dog daycare can be used in cases such as:

  • Dogs that spend too many hours alone at home
  • Adopters who have an emergency
  • Puppies who want to socialize from a very young age with other dogs.

which daycare for dogs

Not all dog daycares are suitable for dogs. The following considerations must be taken into account:

  • Must have qualified professionals. Not everyone is good at taking care of dogs. The staff of a dog daycare must have the appropriate knowledge for this task
  • Must have a generous space. Which must be according to the size of the dogs having a place to go outdoors or a balcony or garden where they can enjoy the sun
  • Must have veterinary service.Or failing that, have an external service 24/7It must have hygienic and safe facilities. You should always visit the facilities before leaving your dog, it is a good idea so as not to regret later.
  • Must have a custom feed. For which it will always be better for you to bring the food and thus avoid mishaps with your pet.

If you go on a trip to the interior or have an important meeting, remember to leave your pet with us. The best dog hotel in Panama!


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