Playtime is basic at a dog hotel

Playtime is basic at a dog hotel - Mama Canino - Panama Pet Day Care

There is still a belief that taking the dog to an accommodation only implies leaving it with the manager, period. In reality, there are many more points to take into account before entrusting the care of your pet to someone else, whether for hours or days, and one of the main ones has to do with the space in which they will spend their hours of play and relaxation. .

For those who have a dog, something that should never be overlooked is the time and space they will have away from the room or kennel where they eat and rest.

“When he spends long hours in small spaces, the dog cries, barks, does not stop panting and moving from one side to the other. That is why the idea of ​​having a large open-air space is for the dog to be distracted and get out of that state of anxiety,” says Vizquerra, a veterinary doctor.

It is important that a hotel for dogs has a wide and open place to release stress and why it is not recommended to keep the animal for long hours in a kennel.

Another factor that helps your dog feel more comfortable in a foreign environment has to do with the surface on which he moves. Many lodges have large gardens, some include pools of water and/or sand, others also have spaces filled with stones or artificial gardens.

Feeling different textures when stepping, making holes, rolling in sand or splashing in pools relaxes the animal and reduces the stress it may be feeling from being away from home; for that reason a good walk with the dog is the best idea for fun.

You know! If you go on a trip or have an important meeting, remember to leave your pet with us. The best hotel for dogs in Panama!


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