The world’s most luxurious dog hotels

The world's most luxurious dog hotels - Daycare Dogs in Panama

Dog hotels are in fashion! And that’s because most people need support while they’re at work, at a social event, or enjoying a vacation. These dog hotels are VIP residences, in addition to the infrastructures and activities, some of these hotels have selected amenities so that our faithful companion does not miss us.

That is why we share this article with you to learn about the most expensive, luxurious and most expensive dog hotels in the world for the personalized attention of your loved one.

1. Critterati

This hotel is located in one of the most exclusive areas of Gurugram city in India. The concept of this portentous lodging for pets arises thanks to the idea of ​​Jaanvi Chawla, who imagined a place where dogs were pampered with the utmost luxury. The services offered within the hotel are: haircuts, bath and massages. They also maintain a spa area, cafeteria for the owners, swimming pool and clinic.

The rooms inside the hotel are wonderful with: single beds, television, air conditioning, etc.

2. Canis Resort

It is defined as the first chain of luxury hotels for dogs, its headquarters is located in Erdinger, Germany. Its main characteristic is the natural spaces. Its architecture is even spectacular and the places where the dogs walk are amazing.

The services they offer are varied: massages, training, cleaning and lodging. The facilities have gardens, rest areas, lodging and a nursery.

3. D Pet Hotels

Also part of a hotel chain, D Pet Hotels only has branches in the United States: Texas, New York and Los Angeles. The difference between this hotel and others is that it promises transportation assistance from the owner’s office or home. In addition, dogs enjoy spa treatments, accommodation and special care within the hotel.

The space offers certified trainers, special toys according to the breed and fresh food for the tenants.

4. Olde Towne Pet Resort

An exclusive hotel in the northern part of the United States, in Washington DC. It promises quality assistance in lodging, training, field days and grooming. The most curious thing is that the spa services add mud treatments and blueberry facials. In addition, within the hotel dogs can enjoy heated pools to exercise.

5. Best Friends Pet Care

What better place to host your dog than Walt Disney World! This place is next to the facilities at Disney World, in Florida. Your pet is invited to a clean-up, picnics and boarding while you have fun at the famous amusement park.

If you plan to travel or host your pet at Best Friends Pet Care, the price for a deluxe room is $109 for three days, which includes walks, TV, and a trainer.


Our pets are a very important part of our lives, so thinking of leaving them in a place where they are only kept in uncomfortable cages that make them feel trapped can break our hearts. A hotel specializing in pets is the best option!

Now you know! If you go on a trip, have an important meeting or want a vacation; remember to leave your pet with us. At Hotel Mama Canino we offer lodging and nursery service for your pet.

The best dog hotel in Panama!

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