Vote At The Oye Mujer Gala Por Bella Rivas And Patitas De Amor

Vote At The Oye Mujer Gala Por Bella Rivas And Patitas De Amor - Hotel Mama Canino Panama

This year 2023 in Panama and during the month of women, the first edition of the Oye Mujer Gala will premiere, which will appear on the screen on March 29 at 8pm on the Oye signal.

This Oye Mujer Gala recognizes the Panamanian woman who has worked hard to build a better future for our country. Each one of them has played a pivotal role in building our nation with wonderful contributions and has definitely made a difference in the lives of others through their leadership work, innovations and achievements.

That is why Hotel Mama Canino is committed to unconditional support for the great woman that is Bella Rivas. Through Patitas de Amor, she has been committed to rescuing animals, providing a better quality of life, and finding a new family for the most needy puppies in Panama.

Your Vote can be the difference and it only takes a few seconds! Let’s support with a grain of sand so that Patitas de Amor achieves this recognition and fulfills the dream of having a shelter with all the facilities that dogs need.

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