Patitas De Amor Shelter and its contribution to the country

Patitas De Amor Shelter and its contribution to the country - Panama Dog Daycare - Hotel Mama Canino

Animal Shelters in any country are organizations that support, educate and fight for the welfare of those souls in need, abandoned animals. That is why the Patitas de Amor Shelter has been contributing its grain of sand to Panama.

The Patitas de Amor Shelter provides 360 care to dogs: vaccination, rehabilitation, feeding, adoption and home.

Being a non-profit shelter is a great challenge that Patitas de Amor must face every day to safeguard and rehabilitate dogs abandoned on the street by those «owners» who have no conscience or love inside.

Patitas de Amor is always in need of volunteers who can provide support in many ways: dog clean-up, shelter organization, pet food, vaccine donation, dog sponsors and much more.

If you are thinking of helping an organization, Patitas de Amor is the choice and they will welcome you with a big hug. Come to Patitas de Amor and support those helpless beings! Animals also have rights and must be respected by everyone.

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Now you know! If you go on a trip, have an important meeting or want a vacation; remember to leave your pet with us. At Hotel Mama Canino we offer lodging and nursery service for your pet.

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