How to Choose a Dog Daycare

How to Choose a Dog Daycare - Pet Hotel Panama Mama Canino

One of the businesses that is booming is that of hotels and dog daycare. Nurseries are a great solution in cases where dogs must be alone at home for a long time.

Little activity and permanent confinement can cause many behavioral problems that ultimately affect the health of the puppy

Those who take advantage of this type of service solve problems related to the lack of socialization, destruction, excessive barking, anxiety, etc., but also alleviate the guilt generated by the fact of knowing that we are not taking care of them the necessary time to give them a good life.

One of the most common mistakes made when selecting an animal lodging is to evaluate it based on what we as humans think, but in reality, they do not care about the glamor of the place or the decorative details.

What really counts is the human material, cleanliness, a structure where the animals do not get stressed and permanent surveillance, in case an accident or illness occurs.

Knowing the site in person and its managers, is the only thing that provides the greatest security of a good service as well as the recommendations or opinions of it.

It is essential that those in charge have experience with the breed of your puppy and all of them in general.

The evaluation of a good service will be marked by your dog when he arrives at the place, if he presses on the leash to return to the car or is excited to enter and play with his congeners. Pay attention to his signals, they are never wrong.

If you go on a trip to the interior or have an important meeting, remember to leave your pet with us. The best hotel for pets in Panama!


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