4 tips to have happy pets

4 tips to have happy pets - Hotel For Pets Panama - Mama Canino

Saying that our dog is happy is very easy, but what most influences them are the physical conditions in which you have them completely and thus be able to keep them happy at home:

keep a healthy weight

Obesity is a common problem so it’s time to control your portions and make sure you’re walking or running enough.

check his teeth

A fundamental part of avoiding major problems or illnesses is knowing that your gums hurt or you have a dental problem.

Schedule doctor visits

The health control or check-up once a year is something totally essential even if you do not have health problems.

play with your pet

Do not forget about them even if you have a thousand things to do, games are an excellent way to de-stress and have fun.


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¡Bienvenido al Hotel Mamá Canino!

¡Bienvenido al Hotel Mamá Canino!