Dog daycares adapt to covid-19

Dog daycares adapt to covid-19 - Hotels For Dogs In Panama

Since 2020, dog hotels and dog daycares have adapted to this new era. After passing the confinement together with their pets, people begin to return to their face-to-face jobs and dog daycares in Panama become an option to leave their animals during the daily workday.

These sites have already reopened their doors and have implemented greater biosecurity protocols for the peace of mind of owners and pets.

A spectacular case occurred in Ecuador, Andrés Guzmán, owner of Los Zetos Servicios Caninos, reminds people that dogs do not transmit the new coronavirus, but they can carry it on their paws and fur. That is why the protocols are applied from the time the animals are picked up from their homes until they are returned.

The van is disinfected and before boarding, the dogs’ paws are cleaned to prevent them from carrying any pathogens. The pet enters only with her collar and a new leash is placed on it that she uses during her stay in the nursery. In addition, the owners must deliver a container with the animals’ food for the entire month.

Another case in Ecuador that would be great in Panama is the Winsdog canine school, where it has also adapted its programs to the new conditions. Cristian Tenezaca, director of this center, explains that a new type of semi-boarding school has been created. This consists of the animals spending four days in the establishment. Another option is for them to attend three times a week, from 08:00 to 15:00.

The dogs remain in the center, where they are mentally stimulated and socialized. When the pets arrive, they must place their paws on damp mats, which contain a disinfectant solution. Before returning to their homes, they are given a dry bath to clean their fur.

This school also offers transportation service. Unlike other initiatives, the dogs are loose in the van. Tenezaca explains that many have behavioral problems due to the confinement they experienced, which is why this center offers training and behavioral rehabilitation.

For health reasons, it is recommended to disinfect the animal’s paws when it returns home, only with soap and water; in addition to having your pet as clean as possible every day.

The commitment with the Dogs is the love that one has for these loving beings and the daily dedication. You know! If you go on a trip or have an important meeting, remember to leave your pet with us. The best Hotel for Dogs in Panama!

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