Advantages and disadvantages of dog daycare

Advantages and disadvantages of dog daycare - Panama Pet Hotel - Mama Canino

Dog daycares are becoming more and more popular every day as people understand that their dogs need more socialization, mental stimulation, playtime and exercise. Today due to work or an unpredictable schedule or an unexpected situation can make it difficult to have the time a pet needs.

Dog daycare is the best option, especially for dogs that the American Kennel Club (AKC) says are «sociable and will benefit from exercise, playtime, the company of other dogs and humans, and a dose of healthy mental stimulation.

Some of the benefits of using the dog daycare service or hotel are:

  • Perfect opportunity to socialize and play with other dogs
  • Relieves separation anxiety and boredom
  • Provides plenty of physical exercise (most dogs need a lot more than they get)
  • The dog receives love and care from the daycare staff
  • No need to give a stranger access to your home when you’re away

One drawback to doggie daycares is that many have vaccination and spay/neuter requirements which can be inconvenient.

However, a dog daycare will always be the best option in urgent times. We are specialists in caring for your loved one in Panama.

If you go on a trip to the interior or have an important meeting, remember to leave your pet with us. The best hotel for pets in Panama!


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