What is a dog hotel?

What is a dog hotel - Pet daycare - Canine Panama

Dog hotels and dog daycares are just what you need when traveling for pleasure or work, as they are an excellent alternative to leave your furry friend safe and in good hands.

A dog hotel may sound like an overpriced luxurious complex, surrounded by the dogs of the rich and famous being pampered… But this vision is very far from reality! Here we explain what they are and how you can benefit from them.

Security before everything.

The most important thing for the dog owner is safety because your dog will always be in a supervised space. Other than staff and pet owners, no one is allowed on the property. So your dog can feel free and rest comfortably.

Love and Attention.

Your dog would never be alone, sad or bored missing you. Sitters ensure that pets feel comforted and have the right amount of play, love and attention during the day, preventing them from feeling anxious in your absence.

Adequate nutrition and hydration.

During their stay at the dog hotel, sitters ensure pets receive proper nutrition, on a regular schedule based on their dietary needs. They also make sure they have different water points available to keep them hydrated, changing the water 3 or 5 times a day.

It’s more affordable than you think.

Dog hotels usually charge a fee that varies depending on the number of days the dog has to stay. Normally, it is charged per day. You’ll find that dog-friendly hotels have affordable rates. It’s also possible to take advantage of doggy daycare just a couple of times a week instead of every day to save on costs. You and your dog will continue to enjoy the benefits they offer while reducing costs.

In addition, Hotel Mamá Canino offers you:

  • Personalized service.
  • Constant contact with the hotel and the dog’s owner (whatsAap)
  • Excellent references, reviews and comments about the place.
  • Daily walks up to 45 minutes depending on the dog.
  • At the Mama Canino Hotel there are no cages, unlike other hotels for dogs.


Now you know! If you go on a trip, have an important meeting, an event to participate in or want a vacation; Remember to book a Dog Daycare day or a Dog Hotel Night. At the Mama Canino Hotel in Panama we offer you the best personalized boarding and daycare service for your pet. Cage-free dogs!

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¡Bienvenido al Hotel Mamá Canino!

¡Bienvenido al Hotel Mamá Canino!