Pool For Dogs And Its Benefits

Pool For Dogs And Its Benefits - Panama Dog Daycare - Hotel Canine

For many, our dog is another member of the family and we humans love a good bath to cool off. Imagine the dogs, who with so much hair suffer in the heat! A fun solution to relieve discomfort on hot days is to purchase a dog pool.

Playing in the pool is not just a recreational activity for dogs. In addition to fun, swimming in the pool has a therapeutic effect and provides several benefits for the animal’s health. Let’s look at the main benefits of the Dog Pool.


The most obvious physical benefit is relief from heat. Dogs usually suffer a lot in summer, especially those with long hair, and a good swim in the pool helps them cool off. Thus, your best friend will face the hottest months of the year with a better quality of life.


In addition to physical health, dogs’ mental health is also helped by swimming. The activity helps reduce stress, provides mental stimulation (since you need to learn to swim and adapt to this new environment), relax, and improve sleep quality.

Be careful with Pool Chlorine

Chlorine can slightly irritate a dog’s sensitive eyes or nose just like it can for humans, but a bath on a hot, very sunny day is harmless. Just like you shower when you get out of the pool, the same goes for your dog. A good shower when you leave will prevent the skin from being irritated, and remember to dry it well. If you want to prevent your dog from drinking from pools, a good tip is to have a bowl of fresh drinking water near the pool. After exercise the dog always wants to drink water.

Remember, no matter if your dog is a top swimmer, he should never be left alone in the pool. The animal may get tired and lose breath, have difficulty getting out of the water, have an accident while playing, or something else. All of this can be easily avoided if the dog pool is sized appropriately for your pet and you supervise him at all times.

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¡Bienvenido al Hotel Mamá Canino!