An Ordinary Day At The Mama Canino Hotel In Panama

An Ordinary Day At The HOTEL MAMA CANINO In Panama - Daycare For Dogs

The fun begins when you leave a special pet at our Hotel Mamá Canino de Panamá, that is the thought of our beloved guests. It is right! Fun, happiness and freedom are the most important feelings that every loved animal feels when staying at the best dog hotel in Panama.

For that reason, we are going to share the routine (at a general level) of our beloved dogs at the Hotel Mamá Canino in Panama. This common day can vary because each pet has its personality, house habits and customs, for that reason some carry out other different activities to be happy during their stay.

1- Morning Routine

Our pets are taken to the park to perform their biological needs and get a little exercise to start the day with all the energy. After that, it is time to eat and drink, each dog has its special food that the parents inform us beforehand. After a few minutes, it’s time to play with the ball, ropes, toys, or an object within reach.

2- Noon Routine

Come midday and after burning energy playing, some animals sleep, others talk to each other (dog language), others are thoughtful and others just want a lot of love from us. The meal is at noon or it is time for another walk in the park, this depends on the instructions that the parents inform us previously.

3- Evening Routine

In the afternoon, the little animals recharge energy for more moments of games between them. There are situations where a visit from his friends (daycare dog) arrives and another party begins between them. In the afternoon there are also small walks in the park according to the personality, instructions of parents or energy of the dog.

4- Night Routine

As night falls, it is time for the last supper for our beloved guests. Some puppies have energy to continue playing and having fun, others just want to be relaxed without any discomfort. But before going to sleep, everyone must go to the park for the last walk and relieve themselves, when they return it is time to have sweet dreams in bed.

Now you know! If you go on a trip, have an important meeting or want a vacation; remember to leave your pet with us. At Hotel Mama Canino we offer lodging and nursery service for your pet.

The best dog hotel in Panama!

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¡Bienvenido al Hotel Mamá Canino!

¡Bienvenido al Hotel Mamá Canino!