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Unfortunately, there are more and more animals on the streets, hungry, injured and, in many cases, reproducing without control, favoring the overpopulation of pets. There are few people who decide to get involved and help these little animals achieve a happy ending, dog shelters is some of them.

For this reason, caring for and caring for pets is not a simple task, but there are shelters where people with soul volunteer to carry out this work daily and in a very dedicated manner.

Dog shelters are also called shelters and their main objective is to protect abandoned, lost or abused animals. In this way, they are given a home with a better quality of life than they were accustomed to. In these places they are welcomed and treated with respect.

Pet shelters are responsible for rescuing animals that are in inadequate conditions, healing and rehabilitating them and then finding them a home that gives them the life they deserve. Below, learn more about how they work, what their features are, and how you can help.


There are different ways to help pet shelters. Whatever option is available to you, we can assure you that they will be more than happy with the help you can offer them:


Their main objective is to give up as many animals as they can for adoption, so if it is within your means or if you are looking for a new pet, you can avoid buying and give a rescued animal the opportunity.


If you are not able to adopt, you can also sponsor a pet and make monthly donations that allow the shelters to cover part of the costs of food, veterinary care, accommodation and more. Remember that they are non-profit organizations, so financing is always a complicated task.


If you have the necessary free time, you can become a volunteer at a shelter. When housing so many animals, it is essential that they can count on people to help give them the necessary care. Your tasks can range from administering medication to pets that need it, giving baths, serving meals, cleaning spaces or helping during events.


If you don’t have the free time or financial means to help in any other way, don’t worry! You can use your social networks and digital platforms to share your messages and reach more and more people. Talk to your acquaintances and encourage them to adopt instead of buy if they are thinking of having a pet. Many times all shelters need is more visibility to reach the right people, so share their work, the pets they have up for adoption, and the events they plan to host.


A shelter offers a reactive solution to the overpopulation of abandoned stray dogs and cats. A shelter will not solve the problem of stray dogs and cats, and it offers people a way to get rid of their unwanted animals instead of learning how to take care of them. If you are an animal lover and your desire is to collaborate, below we detail the great work carried out by these charitable institutions.

In this link you can find a list of shelters and animal shelters in Panama: https://www.hotelmamacanino.com/refugio-de-animales/

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