Tips for bathing your dog at home

Tips for bathing your dog at home - Dog Hotel Panama - Mama Canino Pet Care

If your dog smells bad, he may need a bath. In the case of dogs, bathing is an essential routine. It is not only a fundamental aspect of the health and well-being of your dog.

Bathing your dog at home could be an apparently simple task, but there are certain things you should know before putting it in soapy water, especially since your dog may want to play while you try to clean it, making a mess of the place, that’s why we compile these Tips to bathe your dog without drama.

1. Have an assigned place where it is easy for you to bathe him, but also where he feels comfortable.

2. Bathe him with warm water, he will feel more relaxed and will facilitate the process.

3. Give him a lot of love during the bath, so your dog will feel comfortable and know that it is a pleasant routine, this will prevent problems from being generated in the future.

4. Use a brush with soft bristles to distribute the soap, it will also serve as a massage.

5. In summer you can bathe your dog more often; in winter less. The important thing is not to abuse the use of shampoo, use only shampoo made for dogs, you will prevent his skin from being hurt or dry.

6. When you wash your child dog, try to keep the water and soap away from his ears and eyes, if you have to wash the nearby parts, use a damp cloth.

7. Have a couple of towels handy, your dog child likes it when they are rubbed dry.

8. Praise him for how well he behaved, you will reinforce good behavior for the next time. Don’t forget to have some treats like dog biscuits on hand.

Bathing your dog at home can be a rewarding option, so we recommend you watch tutorial videos on YouTube to learn how to bathe a dog and take into account all the details so that the operation is a success.

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