Things You Should Know About a Pet Friendly Hotel

Things You Should Know About a Pet Friendly Hotel - Panama Dog Keeper

A Pet Friendly Hotel is an alternative for when you want to travel with your pet and enjoy your vacation. Little by little, pets have been integrated into family life and some hotels around the world have changed their policies on this issue.

However, it is important to know all the information related to the so-called Pet Friendly Hotel in advance because each of them has its own rules and this will help to ensure that both you and your pet will have a great trip.

  1. Rules about whether pets can be left alone in the room. If you plan to leave your pet for short periods of time, such as when you go to dinner, you will need to make sure the hotel allows it and learn what, if any, protocols you need to follow.
  2. Some hotels say they introduced dogs, but only offer limited areas for dogs to roam. If your pet needs more than a quick potty break here and there, you’ll need to know that there’s ample green space before you arrive.
  3. Rules regarding pets in public areas, such as the lobby, pool deck, and patios. Most hotels have restrictions and you can be fined if you don’t follow the rules.
  4. Pet fee schedule and weight limits. Some hotels ask for non-refundable deposits upfront, while others return deposits once you’ve checked out and the room has been inspected for damage. Pet fees and weight limits run the gamut, too. Some pet fees are per stay; others charge per night. Size also matters, as some hotels do not accept large dogs over a certain weight.
  5. Distance to parks, trails and restaurants. It’s one thing if the hotel welcomes dogs with ample room to roam and do their business, but it’s another if you have to drive a long way to get to activities and restaurants that found pets.

With these five points that you already know, your duty is to ask the hotel everything related to the Pet Friendly Hotel system implemented there and in this way you will avoid discomfort during your trip.

Now you know! If you go on a trip, have an important meeting or want a vacation; remember to leave your pet with us. At Hotel Mama Canino we offer lodging and nursery service for your lovely pet.

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