Dog vaccines: what are they and when to give them?

Dog vaccines what are they and when to give them - Dog Hotel Panama and Daycare

Vaccination against infectious diseases is the best prevention. Dog vaccinations are important for good health and a mature immune system.

There is some risk of pets catching viruses from other animals when housed in any facility with multiple pets, so avoiding this is critical. Some viruses such as canine distemper are known to spread primarily in doggy daycare or kennels.

This is why all dog hotels and animal boarding facilities will require your dog to be up to date on vaccinations before staying. If your dog is not up to date with its vaccinations, you will probably not be able to access the dog hotel service.

Dog Vaccine Schedule

Mandatory dog ​​vaccinations in dogs protect against canine distemper viruses and parvovirus and rabies. Optional vaccines protect against leptospirosis, parainfluenza, kennel cough caused by bordetella, Lyme disease and coronavirus. Vaccination against leishmaniasis is also optional.

A vaccine that is optional in one country may be mandatory in another where the disease is common. This is the basic vaccination schedule for dogs in Spain:

At 6 weeks: Primary vaccination or first vaccine.
At 8 weeks: Versatile.
At 12 weeks: Reminder of the Multipurpose.
At 16 weeks: Rabies.
Annually: Reminder of Versatility and Rage.

The most common vaccines are trivalent, tetravalent or polyvalent. For more information we recommend you consult a trusted veterinarian in Panama. Dog Vaccines are important for your pet’s health!

You know! If you go on a trip or have an important meeting, remember to leave your pet with us. The best hotel for dogs in Panama!

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